Ten Reasons This Class Has Been the Best

  1. I actually wrote some structured poetry, I can’t believe it. Even the ode. That was pure emptying agony.
  2. Having all these assignments and being forced to write structured poetry actually helped my normal creative flow instead of hurting it. If anything, I’ve just been writing even more unstructured things to make up for it. So thanks. I’m completely blaming this for the amount of work I don’t get done in my other classes because I can’t shut it off. I have literally spent the last few days in AP Chemistry just writing in my notebook. THANKS.
  3. Blogging and reading other people’s blogs has been lots of fun.
  4. I love Mrs. Gounis.
  5. I genuinely like being in this class and it’s a nice environment. I’ve never felt threatened or anything. Maybe because I haven’t been workshopped this quarter. I don’t know.
  6. Got actual real valuable feedback on my writing. Thank you for that.
  7. I think this class has helped me work out a lot of issues I have.
  8. I’ve actually gotten life advice? That’s helped me??? Unbelievable.
  9. I guess sometimes the advice helps me in the way that I realize my problem is the exact opposite of what the other person thinks my problem is.
  10. I’ve spent about 90% of this class successfully walking out and coming back whenever I feel like it.
  11. Sometimes we have food and Andrea brings tiny forks.
  12. I get to see people I like which is always nice.
  13. I now have a love letter from Kersten that I’m keeping until it’s an ancient relic.
  14. Oh, the quarter is ending?
  15. Oh, fuck.



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